Negativity Scene

A part of the Overcoming Negativity series.

Let’s review so far. Here are some highlights for overcoming negativity:

1. Accept and appreciate that you’re smack dab in the middle of a story. Notice the narratives and watch them unfolding before you — they’re everywhere.

2. Abandon any notion of a harsh and brutal reality in which you’re a fragile creature struggling for survival, subject to the whims of a random world, alive today thanks to your luck and cunning. Now THAT’S one hell of a fairytale to tell yourself! Anyone would be scared sh*tless by that kind of reality. Well good thing it couldn’t be further from the truth.

3. What is true, is the underlying benevolence of the world. Your current existence is a testament to the fact that survival is not a thing — life has been coddling you this entire time.

4. Yes, you most certainly can sabotage your story. Understand this and don’t do it. Your story is influenced by you expectations. Expect the worst, receive the worst. Expect the best, receive the best.

5. Therefore, in every situation, make an effort to expect the best. Don’t default to negative expectations: that’s dumb and that’s why you’re not enjoying your time right now.

6. Problems add to the enjoyment of life, they’re the obstacles that challenge us. If you don’t like your current crop of problems, stop focusing on them and new ones will replace them. The more positive your attitude, the more positive your problems will be. Whereas if you’ve got a bad attitude, your problems will be equally as bad.

7. Abandon your first impression of existence. You were just starting out and unfortunately interpreted the intensity of your initial experience as scary. Your snap-judgement led you to see a nightmarish world of gloom & doom — but the good news is: you were wrong. Abandon your stubbornness in maintaining an outmoded idea. Start fresh and appreciate the world and the gift of existence.

And just to be clear, this is not a belief-based system. If you simply sit still and observe the circumstances going on around you, you’ll readily see all the character-filled stories with all their intricate plots. You should also realize that a seemingly bad situation doesn’t cause a bad experience — a bad attitude causes a bad experience. Now that all this has been pointed out to you, the obviousness of actual-reality should be easier to perceive. And if you have any further questions, that’s what I’m here for.