Binary Bliss

A part of the Overcoming Negativity series.

You have a choice to make in every moment: Do I think the best about this — or the worst? You can follow a negative thought down a dank dark hole OR you can choose to extract some form of amusement from the situation. Then based on that choice, you’ll act out the rest of the scene from the selected perspective.

Example: “Hey what happened to the leftover cranberry sauce I was looking forward to? It got thrown out?!”
Negative path: “OH GREAT! Dinner is ruined! Well why don’t I throw the rest of this crap out too!!”
Positive path: “Oh great! Now there’s more room for cookies!! Ha!”

Example: “So um, I don’t see an Apple Watch under the tree?”
Negative path: “I guess I’m just not worth the effort. Jerks!”
Positive path: “Ha, good thing. I still had my reservations, and best if I pick it out anyway.”

Example: “Oh, you’re in a bad-mood today?”
Negative path: “Hey, maybe suck it up princess! It’s called life, deal with it!”
Positive path: “Poor thing, I’m thinking you need some treats today! Treats for you!!”

Example: “Anyone seen the pen?”
Negative path: “Psh, they always take it and never return it. Screw-ups!”
Positive path: “Ha, time for a little hide-and-seek I see!”

Your quest is to find the positive path, to discover the way-to-joy in each and every situation. Both paths present themselves, the negative shows up first, it is the wide and easy way. But you must wait for the positive path to reveal itself, for it is narrow and often difficult to discern — when you see it, select it.