Surrendering to Life

Dear Rich, how does one “surrender” to life?

Surrender in this context means: nothing needs to be fixed for me to enjoy right-now. What’s wrong? If you surrender, nothing’s wrong. You’re good. Need anything? Nope, perfect and complete. Some examples:

Is something wrong right now?
“Yeah, I’m sweating buckets, I’ll feel a lot better when it’s cooler out.”
Nope, try again.
“Oh, oh. Um, nope, I’m fine, there’s nothing like a good sauna.”

Is something wrong right now?
“Ah yeah, my kid’s sick and throwing-up all over the place.”
Try again.
“Oh that’s right. Um, I’m doin’ fine, just watchin’ life unfold before me. Calmly breathin’ and enjoyin’ the experience of existin’. And you know what, the floor needed cleaning anyway.”

Is something wrong right now?
“Uh, just a bit tense, seems like it’s not my day today.”
Yeah, gonna need a do-over on that answer.
“Oh, well I seem to be noticing a lot of what’s wrong today. I suppose I’m focusing on unpleasant things. I’ll just breathe for now and relax parts of my body, feeling the pleasant sensation of relaxation as I go. Hey would ya look at that pretty design the clouds are making.”

Is something wrong right now?
“Well not right-now but in a couple months…”
Wait, are you about to predict a doom-filled fate?
“Oh, um, okay, well right-now I’m fine, just sitting here thinking. I suppose I’ll stop thinking and focus on presence instead. I’ll start with breathing and then loosen-up all the parts of my body and focus on the sensation of unwinding as I go. You know what — whatever happens in a couple months, happens. I’m good.

In summation, does something need to occur in order for you to be happy? Do you need to complete something? Does some external circumstance need to occur or not occur? Does another person need to do or not do something? No. No. No. No. If you surrender, adopting an unrepentantly positive attitude, you need nothing. You lack nothing — you are whole.

If and when you adopt this perspective, you become more powerful than you can currently imagine. You will exist as a mountain amidst mere breezes. The turbulence will swirl, but you’ll take no notice. This power is yours for the playing whenever you want. It is the top hand, the Royal Flush — from this peak you cannot be conquered.

Think of it this way, if you offer no resistance, life flows right by you. Whereas if you put up a hand in protest, then you create a dam that impedes that flow, eventually causing muck to accumulate — then your life is all mucked up. But by lowering your hand and removing your resistance, everything flushes away as it should.

And once you surrender, you must honor that stance by remaining present. If you truly accept your position, then there is nowhere else you’d rather be — especially not lost in thought. So breathe and relax the body — then experience existence from that calm perspective. Without resistance, the flow is gentle. Accept and appreciate.