Path of Presence

I just finished reading The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. I liked it. It definitely aligned with my current perspective of existence. The primary difference though, was his insistence on the need to get to now. In other words, if you’re not striving to become present within each moment of the day, then you’re doing enlightenment wrong — and I think he has a point.

One of my longtime goals has been to reach “enlightenment”. Growing up, I was attracted to the martial-arts and Asian-mysticism — I wanted those sweet kick-ass powers you get when you become a Kung-Fu Master. But even after I stopped wanting chi-powered fireballs to shoot from my hands, I still held on to the goal of enlightenment. And instead of kung-fu, I saw meditation and ancient spiritual texts as the gateway.

But intermittent meditation and the occasional reading do not enlightenment make. You need a practice. You need a path to walk. Currently, I blip in and out of deep spiritual understanding and spend most of my time lost in life. I’ve been waiting for enlightenment to kick-in. But through the goal of presence, there’s genuine practice, an actual path to take.

And so presence is going to be my practice for the time being. I’ve been trying it out since I started reading the book and I like the results so far. I was also highlighting a lot while reading, so I’ll be going back over the book for the purpose of taking notes and studying the material a bit more — plus it reminds me to remain present.