Nonpresent Punishment

I shall now regale you with a tale of misery. A plague brought about by the power of un-presence. Think of a powerful force in the universe… now triple it — THAT is the power of un-presence. An energy so strong that it will outright ruin your day. BOOM!

Picture it, it’s night and you’re lazily lying there. Too lazy in fact to bother with awareness — but woe to him whose lackadaisical ways lead to his own demise. If only you’d have summoned up the fortitude to remain aware. But no, you revel in sloth.

And so it happens, you’re swept away by the current of turbulent thought. Off you go, bashing against rocks as your mind blathers on. The pain is real and the wounds will last. Then the day begins and you’re weary from the abuse.

You shuffle along, barely communicating — unaware of your own unawareness. Too far gone to know you’re gone. You’re sore from the night before so anything out-of-place stings and further sours your spirit.

Interactions are exercises in tight-rope walking — one tiny sway, and its disaster either way. BOOM! You just f*cked up, tried to cover it up, but the evidence is everywhere. You finally try to scramble to the present but you’re so swept up that it’s not easily reached.

The moral of the story my friend: do not take mindlessness lightly. It is the one and only force with the power to outright end you. Do not stray far from the present lest you get lost and not find your way back.