Entering Now

Your thoughts act as a smoke-screen obscuring the entrance to awareness. The only way to enter, is through pure presence. As you focus on nothing, it comes into focus.

Why should you even care to come in? It’s the treasure that treasure-seekers seek. Everything your heart desires, everything you’re looking for — it’s here, now. And the only cost to you, is complete and absolute dedication — a bargain to be sure!

Give up your thoughts. ALL of them. No more past, no more future — only present. What have your thoughts done for you? Frighted, intimidated, hindered — they’ve only served to torment you as you tried to live your life. Well there’s a remedy for that poison-of-the-mind — a simple fix: cut them out!

Thought targeted, thought terminated. Sitting watch with constant vigilance, you are now a hunter whose prey is each and every thought attempting to settle in your mind. The longer you remain thought-free, the more the door to right-now opens.

Imagine it, a paradise on Earth. Better yet, don’t imagine it and you’ll actually experience it. A simple choice to make, yes? At each moment that you notice yourself lost in thought, acknowledge it. Then as long as you dare, remain aware — and soon, you’ll be there.

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