Kindness for Consciousness

What have you done for your consciousness lately? You haven’t been smothering it with the worst thoughts possible, right? The poor unsuspecting consciousness came here to experience life-on-Earth and you’ve been presenting it with a slide-show consisting of complaints… haven’t you! What kind of host are you?

“Welcome consciousness, so you’re here to see what embodied existence is like? How exciting! Now, instead of all that, can I just get you to take a seat over here while I show you a decades-long presentation about how existence actually sucks and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to participate because it’s pretty horrible? Great! Let’s begin!”

Yikes. In case you’re not aware, that’s actually the WRONG approach to take. Your job is to take the consciousness on a ride through life — showing it a FUN time. It doesn’t want to hear about all your criticisms and critiques — it’s simply here to experience existence — the commentary is intrusive and distracting and frankly it’s rude.

Okay, now let’s do this the right way. The consciousness cares only about what’s happening right now. Anything from the past is an arbitrary selection of old remembrances drudged up by your thoughts — please don’t clutter the consciousness’s experience with that stuff. And any future-predicting is mere conjecture conjured up by your thoughts — again, don’t include it.

Whatever you’re physically doing doesn’t really matter, just let the consciousness take it all in, unimpeded by thought. Remember, the consciousness gets its fun through the act of unhindered observation — it’s not fussy. If you’re tying a shoe, that’s fine as long as your thoughts aren’t blathering away. Eating a carrot? Great, just shut up about it and let the consciousness soak it in.

If you think YOU’RE bored, imagine the poor consciousness that had to listen to you complain for all those years. It could have been experiencing life BUT nooo, you had to run your yapper nonstop. Besides, once you see the consciousness having a good time, your boredom will fade — don’t worry about it, you’ll get rewarded by being kind to your consciousness.