Internal Saboteur

Being present allows the consciousness to experience existence. Why overshadow this adventure with thought? It’s like watching a movie with a friend while talking the entire time. What happened to the movie? It’s lost to the external dialogue.

Similarly, if you allow an internal dialogue to constantly chatter, your consciousness doesn’t get to live life to the fullest. All the observer-within gets to witness are complaints, worries, and wants.

Your consciousness has been invited to a spectacle of sight and sound yet finds itself stuck in a corner listening to the biggest busybody in the world drone on about the worst stuff imaginable.

But what if the scene is boring? Isn’t it okay to pass the time by talking? No. If you give life a chance, providing it with your complete attention, you’ll be rewarded within each moment.

THIS experience always exceeds mere thought. You know that because you’re here. If the realm of the thinking-mind were anything special, you’d be there instead.

And if the thinking-mind’s thoughts were worthwhile, you’d feel wonderful all the time. But you don’t, because they suck. THIS is the place that’s been looking out for you the entire time. The saboteur has been the mind this entire time.

Its negative thoughts poisoning you against the world, that which bore you, your ever-present protector. The very world that brought you into being is actually your enemy? How could that be? And you believed this nonsense?

You label those that don’t pay attention as chatter-boxes that should rightly shut-up. Yet with the mind, you let it ramble on unimpeded? All while it slanders your loving caretaker? And you wonder why you have a miserable time?

This is a travesty being committed! Reject the blathering of the mind and embrace the experience of right now. This is the only means to make amends. Stay present and experience the gift you’ve been so lovingly given.