Belief Trust Action

Let’s say you invite me out for a meal one day, let’s make it around 2pm for lunch at Chefs de France next Sunday. Now, I believe we just made plans. In fact I trust in those plans so much that I’m arranging my schedule around that date and time — I’m even feeling the delight of anticipation as I imagine the upcoming day. And on the day-of, I show up, you show up, and we have a fine time dining. Great.

A few months ago, after living in our house for seven years, my friend told me that she wanted to move. I said, “okay”. And unlike my typical pattern of fear, uncertainty, and doubt — I believed, trusted, and acted as if I was certain it would happen. It did happen, and I’m currently over a thousand miles away from where I was (physically AND mentally).

If you’ve been paying attention to life, you’d have notice that it’s a magical fairytale-land where dreams come true. But the problem is: ALL your dreams come true — positive AND negative. If you have a piss-poor attitude, you WILL see that negativity manifesting before your eyes. You program this dreamworld through your intentions — whatever you intend to happen, will. The path might be a bit sloppy, but you’ll get there (don’t blame life, your intentions aren’t exactly crystal clear).

So if you’re having a bad time with life, who’s to blame? Ding, ding, ding! That’s right, it’s you! The teachings of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus all boil down to this: you can improve your experience of existence by training your mind to see the world with a better perspective. In other words, if life looks like sh*t, it’s because you have sh*t tinted glasses on. Take those glasses off and replace them with a more pleasing tint, then all of a sudden life looks great.

Jesus said: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. In other words: paradise is within your grasp if you stop denying it. The good life is HERE right NOW if only you accept it (spoiler alert: people didn’t accept it). And YOU don’t accept it either, do you. You’re too busy being scared, sad, and angry — but why?

Well that’s what the Buddha wanted you to ask yourself — in big bold letters the Buddha was trying to get your attention by proclaming that life is suffering — he wanted to make you aware of the unnecessary strain you were self-inflicting. In other words: “Hey dummy, stop hitting yourself!” And by no longer hitting yourself, your life improves.

And then Krishna came in and was like: “Bro, why are taking this dreamworld so seriously? It’s just a prank! LOL! Chillax and take it easy. Nothing major is goin’ down, it’s a story, a fantasy, just have fun and enjoy the ride. Sheesh”. Have you ever witnessed someone taking a game too seriously? They’re not enjoying themselves and the consequences are dire — if they’d only take a step back and see the game for what it was: an opportunity to have a bit of fun.

So what did we learn here today? We learned that life sucks when we take it too seriously. And unfortunately, we’re stuck in that negative state UNTIL we receive a wake-up call. Once aware, we eventually understand that life is pretty-neat and so we start playing our part in the grand narrative we find ourselves within. And in order to successfully fulfill our role, we have to follow the script as laid out by our intuition. We have to believe, trust, and act as if everything will work out according to our intention.

Rich, is all this crazy-talk even true? Yes, but even if it wasn’t it’s still a successful strategy for enjoying life. Those who believe it are much more satisfied with life than those that believe in a harsh random physical reality.