Bad Days

I had a bad day yesterday that also bled into today. In this instance, a bad day is defined as a day in which a series of unpleasant circumstances occur — and in many cases, these circumstances are clearly outside of the experiencer’s control (for example, a scheduled package never arrives or a website goes down).

I’d liken it to a roller coaster ride. Once you get on, there’s no getting off, and the intensity is too high to see anything but the particular scene that’s playing right in front of you — there’s no time for reflection.

And even though experiencing all those uncomfortable scenes in a row is an obvious tip-off to the artificiality of it all — it’s still hard to break out of it. For instance, I was drowsy and had a headache all morning — making it difficult to concentrate.

From past experience I know the roller coaster ride eventually comes to an end — then I’m so glad it’s over, I forget everything that just happened and go along my merry way.

A bad day serves as actual evidence that the things we’re experiencing within this world are manufactured. And if the circumstances are fake, then a world so-malleable must be too.

The question becomes: did I unwittingly write this stupid tangent — or is something external punishing me for some reason — or is this a scheduled hardship in my greater narrative? And the questioning continues: is there anything I can do to short-cut this nonsense or prevent it from occuring?

I know it’s fake but my mind gets so cloudy and keeps reverting back to the discomfort I’m feeling. Perhaps it’s part of a Harrison Bergeron style handicap placed on characters — without which, we’d be playing in god-mode, but as we know from video-games, god-mode gets boring fast.

I suppose the conclusion always comes back to this: if given the option of an easy time on Earth, we wouldn’t take it as evidenced by the fact that we don’t have an easy time. In other words, if we’re truly an infinite-being playing as a virtual character, we at some point chose to play the game exactly how it’s currently set-up.

Being it’s creator, we could have played ANY way possible, but we selected THIS option. That means THIS is the most engaging scenario we could devise. That means the discomfort we experience is part of the fun. After all, overcoming obstacles is the very foundation of every game we play, is it not?