Fear Dismantling 101 – Day 5

Today I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful weapons you can use to defeat fear. Ready? It’s fear itself. In other words, you’re going to use fear to fight fear. Stay with me here, this is important.

For years you’ve allowed fear to control many aspects of your life. In other words, fear appears with a suggestion and you just do it. You’ve been well-trained by fear to listen, obey, and not complain. Well why stop now?

“But Rich, I thought the whole point of this was to dismantle fear!?”

That’s correct, and this is a sneaky way to do it. Here’s the premise: you need to start pretending that whatever you think in your thoughts will come true. For example:

You: I’m kinda worried about my sister, what if something bad happens to her on her trip… oops. I’m not worried about anything… no worries here. If I think bad thoughts they might come true so I dare not think them.

Another example:

You: I know I’m a hypochondriac, but this time I think I’m really developing something serious.
Fear: Hm, I like where this is going… maybe it’s life-threatening….
You: Oh, you again. Ah, never-mind. If I think it’s true then it will be true, so I’m no longer going to pursue this line of thinking.

Make it plausible in your mind that whatever you imagine has the potential to manifest in the world. And a slightly different example:

You: I’m going out for a run.
Fear: Are you sure you want to do that? It’s dangerous out there. Plus, you might get injured.
You: Hm good point. Although if I stay indoors, there could be a gas-leak that blows up the house.
Fear: Holy sh*t! Get out immediately!! Run!!!
You: Oh, good idea, time for a run.

By pretending that negative thoughts will actually come true, you can scare yourself into dismantling them or even scare yourself into doing something you actually want to do — thus using fear to fight fear.

From experience, I can tell you that this is one of the easiest and most effective techniques to use in defeating fear. And the more fearful you are, the more powerful it is.

Your goal for today is to identify negative thoughts whenever they surface and then pretend they’ll come true if you keep them in your mind. You wouldn’t dare to continue contemplating them, so you better switch the topic and focus on something else immediately. And here’s a tip: if you’re already pretending that negative thoughts will come true when you ponder them, also pretend that positive thoughts will come true — so ponder those instead.

For bonus points, try scaring yourself into doing something you want to do but is currently blocked by fear. In order to get yourself past the blockage of the initial fear, imagine an opposing fear that’s even more frightening than the initial fear, something that could happen if you don’t do the thing you want to do.