Random Lie

The funny thing is, people are always acting by faith. In a truly physical world where randomness exists, relying on ANY future occurrence is an act of faith. Driving to work or school — are the buildings going to be open today? In a random world, anything can happen. Will your form-of-transportation reach its destination? Who knows. Meeting for a lunch-date? For the most part you assume the restaurant and the other person will be there. Planning a vacation months in advance? In a random world, how is that even possible? Think of all the things that need to align for that to happen! When throwing dice, rolling a 6 for 5 times in a row doesn’t make getting another six any more or less likely — random is random.

So many people just do things with the hope that things will work out. Going to college assumes that you’ll make it through all four years and then it assumes you’ll find a lucrative career in your chosen field. Many people move with the hopes they’ll settle into a new and prosperous life in a different location — they’ll find a steady income, friends, and fit right in. So much of what people do is faith based. And if that’s the case, then there’s no way in hell that this is an actual physical reality in which circumstances happen by chance.

I’m just amazed how clueless I was. For so many years, I believed the world to be chance-based. And because of that, I assumed NOTHING. Will the school be open today? I honestly didn’t believe it until I saw people walking in. Will the car get me there today? I honestly thought there was a possibility it wouldn’t. Will my lunch-date be there today? I honestly thought no, until the moment they sat down in front of me. But life wasn’t random, everything seemed to keep following along on a prescribed path — yet I was scared because I thought random-chance was real.

It should have been obvious to me — if you simply look around you’ll notice that society is not built around chance. If it was, people wouldn’t be driving 80mph in multi-ton metal machines within inches of each other. Of course I was anxiety ridden — ANYTHING could happen at ANY time!! But I was living a lie — for whatever reason I believed in randomness and rejected any idea that suggested otherwise. Well, it sure made for an exciting time at least! A sedentary and solitary time, but exciting none the less!

It’s tough to live life while maintaining a fear-based belief system — lemme tell ya. I’ve always disliked roller-coasters, but it turns out I was choosing to ride one EVERYDAY. But I’m over it now. And just to be clear, seemingly random things happen — yes. But truly random? No. In computer programming for instance, true randomness isn’t even a thing, it’s only approximated. The unexpected things we experience are more like well-designed surprises, not randomness. All these narratives we find ourselves within wouldn’t exist if life was truly random.