Fresh-baked Roles

It’s often said: Fake it till you make it. Yet being who I am, I’ve always had a hard time “lying” or saying anything that I didn’t perceive as completely true. Well as it turns out, since this is a fictional existence, nothing is true. That means I’ve been lying this whole time. Oops. I’ve been trying to be my authentic inner-self, but you see, the inner-self has no authenticity in this world, this world is for embodied beings only. Sorry spirits, ghosts, and apparitions — not for you.

If you’re on stage as an actor, then putting your inner-self on display is a dumb idea — you’re supposed to speak and act as a character, not as the actual underlying actor. The inner-self is an unscripted non-entity, there’s literally nothing to play and nothing to say. And if you’re not playing your part, then you’re doing it wrong. When people say “just be yourself”, they don’t mean your actual inner-self, they mean the character that feels most natural to play. Be your character and play your role.

For example, I went to a 4-year college. I readily saw through the charade of the knowledge-impartation process — they don’t really teach you everything you need to know as a professional, that’s not the point. The point is to convince you that you’re the particular role you selected. That’s why people are so riddled with imposter-syndrome, they know they don’t exit college as masters of their craft, they’re not actually qualified, they’re mere actors playing their parts.

I never wanted to play a role because it felt like a lie. But if everything’s fiction, then it’s even more of a lie to pretend to know truth. Because words and definitions are messy, oftentimes speaking a lie is closer to the truth than speaking the truth. And to be in this world, playing your part as the character you most identify with is closer to the truth than being your true inner-bodiless-self. In other words, while you’re on the stage known as Earth, be an earthling.