Apartment Hunters

Dear diary, I’m in love!! I just walked into my dream-home today! Yes I know I mentioned another dream-home earlier this year but this is different! That was mere infatuation… this is love….

Okay, so as you know I’m looking for a place to stay. The place I wanted to live-at is no longer doing rentals, leaving me disappointed. Then I saw a couple of other places, but there were some major compromises involved. THEN came THIS place… oh diary…. It has two stories, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, it’s a 3rd floor unit with elevator access, it has balconies, a tub, a storage unit, a garage, it’s in the PERFECT location…. I mean, if you told me to pick any place in the entire town to live, it would be THIS place. A decade ago, I was living nearby while this building was under construction, I’ve known it since its birth — I wanted to live there even then.

Yes I know I have moderately expensive tastes and the rent is high. But I didn’t even pick it out, my friend did, she liked how close it was to the school. As you already know, I’ve sworn off all decision-making this year, my friend is in charge. She already filled out our information and we’ll need to get approved. We have some money in the bank so technically we can pay our expenses for the year. They always want your monthly income to be 3-times the rent — which seems a bit excessive to me.

What’s my alternative? Living in my mom’s house? That’s an option no one wants. My friend says this is her year for hustling — whatever that means. But I have faith in her and her abilities — ya gotta believe in something. The last time I lived here I was too busy working as a software developer to enjoy it, now I’m ready to soak it in and live the life. I even bought some new running shoes today — I’ll be doin 5Ks in no time.

I just know it was meant to be dear diary….

Lovingly yours,