Peddling Hope

Hope for sale! Get your hope here! The freshest hope around! Genuine 100% hope!

It’s kinda funny how people sell hope. There’s preachers, marketers, new-agers, pep-talkers — all kinds of people making millions by selling nothing but hope. But what’s wrong with that? Nothing I suppose. There’s people that sell nothing but laughs for instance. There’s even people that sell delightful frights in the form of scary tales.

From the outside, selling hope might seem like a scam. “If you believe this particular idea, your life will get better!” But what if it doesn’t actually get better? Pay $10 for a movie and you receive one movie. Whereas if you invest in a belief system that promises the manifestation of your dreams — those dreams may or may not come true. That seems like a waste of time and money, no?

Well, when you watch a comedic performance on Netflix, the laughs begin and end there. You experience a moment of levity that might even carry you through the night but it soon fades away. Isn’t that the same with hope — you receive a delightful feeling of anticipation while you imagine your dreams coming true. When you buy laughs you don’t expect the whole rest of your life to be filled with mirth and merriment — why should the sale of hope have a more stringent guarantee?

Some people love scary stories — aren’t they entitled to receive a thrill? From the outside, that seems like a sick and twisted way to spend one’s time, watching stories of bloody gore and psychotic killers, yet there’s a big market for scary stuff. Plain and simple, some people enjoy hope and they’re willing to invest time and money into its cultivation.