News Narrative

The news paints a narrative. And according to the news, human life is primarily composed of crime, corruption, exploitation, and suffering. Imagine aliens watched nothing but our news, what picture would they develop about humanity?

News is not telling a tale that benefits its consumers, it’s junk-food. Junk-food approximates food, but lacks nutritiousness — and if you attempt to live off of it, your body will be at a disadvantage compared to consuming a healthier diet.

In other words, the news is not what’s happening, it only approximates what’s happening — and in fact it’s the worst of what’s happening. Consequently, if we feed our mind the worst of what’s happening, it will affect the way in which we perceive the world.

Tragedy will seem a common component of everyday life. People won’t be people, they’ll be outlandish caricatures. The news is not a simple survey of current events, it’s comprised of the opinions of producers, editors, publicists, managers, marketers, and reporters.

The simple fact is this: there is no source by which we can receive an objective survey of the ongoings of humanity. Even our own perspective skews our interpretation of events.

The point is this: don’t feel obligated to “stay informed” — it’s an impossible task. And if you attempt to “stay informed” by consuming a junk-food-diet of information, you’ll be worse off.

This condition of unknowableness is a good thing by the way, it gives us license to paint our own picture of what’s going on. And the most sensible picture to paint, is one that looks good to you — one that fills you with feelings you actually want to experience.

If you truly enjoy fear and hopelessness, then sure tune into the news. But if love, laughter, and delight suit your tastes better, then seek out sources that paint a more palatable picture.