Sale Pending

Dear Diary,

Lately, I’ve been busy preparing the house for sale — sorting through things, boxing, tossing, and cleaning. There’s been a “For Sale” sign in the window for a few days. After a showing today, an interested party just put in an offer — but there’s some stuff that needs to happen before the deal is finalized. And after it’s sold we’ll be moving outta state. We’ve got plans to ship our stuff in one of those small portable storage containers while we drive in our compact car for a few days.

My friend has the town she wants to live-in already picked out. It’s a town we already lived in ten years ago, maybe we had some unfinished business there. She’s got big plans I guess. Me, I’m just along for the ride. I did like the town, so I’m not complaining. But for anyone keeping track, I’m not moving to where I had selected, nor under the conditions I had selected. So as far as my “Law of Attraction” experiment went, it’s a no for me dawg.

I suppose in Law-of-Attraction speak, the universe has something better than what my measly mind could manifest on its own. But if that’s always going to be the case, why bother with LOA stuff in the first place? I guess I’m gonna have to dump that philosophy. Wishing is for the birds, it’s just not my style. My friend on the other hand, her wishes seem to work more than they don’t work. I’m a passenger though, she’s literally always in the driver’s seat — and I don’t mind that, cuz I’ve got no particular place to go.

Besides, I don’t like planning my life out and I don’t have a great imagination — so I’m not good at wishing, it’s not a process I innately enjoy (unlike my friend). So in that sense, LOA is actually working perfectly i.e. I don’t want to wish my way through life, I’d rather sit back and keep my arms and legs within the vehicle at all times. But what I have enjoyed is the practice of hopefulness and a belief in the benevolence of life — those ideas are working out fine.

Every time I start to worry I simply shut it down and overpower it with hopefulness and a belief in the benevolence of life. What a relief I tell ya. Will everything work out? Yep. But what about… Yep that too. Even if… don’t worry about it, it’s all good. Okay but say that… nope, not gonna even finish that thought, I’m in a positive place. It’s a little game I’ve been playing. I don’t always dominate but I’m definitely getting better and it’s well-worth the invested effort.

Well, thanks for listening dear diary.

Yours truly,