Particular Politics

I have a penchant for history. But I like to maintain a certain distance from it or else the subject-matter can get a bit too nasty for my tastes. It’s like a sausage: appetizing unless you analyze every bit of the process to do with its construction. But if you receive just the final product, history can certainly fill you with entertaining tales of old.

I suppose the same is true for politics. It’s war but with words. One side versus another both fighting for public opinion. And similar to history, you gotta maintain a certain distance or else it’ll get gross, fast. It is most certainly a sporting event with fans cheering on either side rooting for the star-player-of-the-moment.

But aren’t politics the way in which things get done? If any seat of government disappeared tomorrow as if it never existed, what would change? In the short-term nothing. In the long-term…? Who knows. But if such a question can’t be readily answered, what exactly is government getting done? How crucial can it be?

And if it was crucial, wouldn’t society be sending its brightest minds to do these tasks? Let me ask you this, are politicians the best minds society has to offer? So my advice to myself, and anyone else who needs it. Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Politics is for the politicians, those mischievous hucksters that argue for sport.