Path to Nowhere

I was recently listening to some high-level spiritual folks. A common theme I noticed was their non-mastery. Every one of them was still trying, still working at it, never quite there — better than before, but practicing everyday. Kinda like a spirituality treadmill I suppose. And it’s kinda like eating — you get hungry everyday and eat a new meal everyday, oftentimes several meals per day.

Are you trying to get somewhere by eating everyday? No, you’re just on a food treadmill, consuming but going no place in particular. Similarly, when pursuing spirituality, there’s no perfected state we’re trying to reach, we’re simply engaging in it for daily sustenance and enjoyment. If all these high-level spiritual folks haven’t gotten there, then there’s no there to get to.

Is it good for us, does it make us feel strong, allowing us to proceed through the world without undue hinderance? Then that’s the spirituality we should be consuming as part of a complete breakfast. It’s not a doorway into pure bliss. Do you feel better when you “eat right”? Yes, and you’ll feel better when you incorporate spirituality into your daily life.

Will life pretty much proceed as it always has? Yep, but there will be more pep in your step. Those high-level spiritual folks still lead everyday lives. The difference is in their outlook. They lack a fear of life, trusting it instead — consequently they engage with the world wholeheartedly, attempting to love everything around them.