Mirthful Earth

I refuse to believe that life is about struggle, that survival of the fittest is a thing. If you believe this to be the ultimate foundation of existence, then you’re wrong. Whoops, try again. Now, can you choose to add struggle to a relatively easy life? Yes, most certainly. A video-game for instance, is an experience in which we engage for the purpose of overcoming obstacles — we like it because of the struggle. But make no mistake, the underlying purpose of that game, of life itself in fact, is to be entertained by the engagement.

With all this drama going on around us, you’d have to be willfully ignorant to maintain the delusion that life is merely random chance. If you simply take a look, you can perceive that the ongoings of Earth are nonsense. People parading around with all this pomp and circumstance, dressed in meaningful costumes plastered with face paint and hair styled for effect giving grand speeches of this and that and all sorts of hullabaloo. THIS is the culmination of millions of years of evolution?! Are you kidding me?

No my friend, you are currently engaged in a game of pretend — of this there is no doubt. And I tell you this not as social commentary, oh no — I’m not criticizing the silliness, I’m celebrating it! Welcome! You’ve kept yourself on the sidelines for so long, afraid to play — because to you, this was no mere game but a trial of life and death! You poor thing, your confusion must have made things so difficult. What you saw as dire consequence was just a joke.

To be fair, all of this is kinda obvious, you just kept on taking things so seriously. So do take some responsibility for your own fun deary. You’re welcome to see whatever you want. If you want to flush the poop without examining its nooks and crannies then go right ahead. No one said you have to eat everything at the buffet — just pick what you like. And you know what the host might appreciate? Perhaps some appreciation for such a grand gala. So wipe the puss off your face and seek something to smile about.