Review Section

Do end-users have a legitimate reason to complain about Earth?

Not everyone is good at playing every game. If you complain about a game to a player that’s good, he’ll scoff and tell you that you haven’t given the game a chance or you need more dedication. But not everyone has that kinda drive to devote to a difficult game.

Are most problems just noob issues that get sorted out with time? Or are there legit issues beyond beginner ignorance? Should these be addressed? Or do users even have the right to complain about a game they haven’t paid for? Maybe they should shut-up if they don’t like it? Is the game really free? Does it rely heavily on user-generated content? Are users themselves to blame? Is quitting really an option? Are complaints even addressed?

From my particular perspective, I’ve found Earth difficult to navigate. It rarely does what I want. But is that simply a misunderstanding of the interface? Well too bad I wasn’t provided with intuitive controls or an instruction manual. Is obfuscation simply part of the charm? Well I think controller-confusion is a legitimate complaint.

I’ve also found Earth too intense, my character’s too sensitive and I feel bombarded by stimuli. Yes I’ve had a relatively easy time externally, but internally I’ve been an anxious wreck. What was that!!!?? Oh. So I think over-sensitivity is another complaint. If I’m generating content from this perspective, it’s gonna suck, just sayin.

I’ve also found Earth a bit too open-ended. What the heck am I supposed to be doing? Start me off with some sort of quest perhaps — and make it obvious. It’s ridiculous the amount of time I just sit around doing nothing. So that’s another complaint: lack of goals to complete.

Yes, all those complaints could be noob issues, I’m aware of that. But that’s a legit problem then: the lack of beginner-friendly game-play. Some people are casual gamers, not grizzled hardcore elites that eat and breathe this stuff. Let me zone-out for awhile watching some in-game entertainment and then blip-in here and there, crushing whatever I come across. If this place is so great, why not make it easier?

Did I accidentally select hard-mode, over-estimating my skills? Um, that’s possible. But an even better game would adjust according to my ability. I’m in the need for some cheat-codes or power-ups right about now. Anytime devs!! Am I just bad at gaming? I didn’t think so, but apparently I am.

Oh and the matchmaking system sucks by the way. I found ONE person I legit like and they were literally born on the opposite side of the globe. I was hangin’ around for two decades in relative isolation before we met up. Again, maybe I’m the a-hole noob that has no idea what he’s doing, I get it — but I think a better ally/friend system could be devised.

Listen, this is an impressive game, no doubt. And if you’re balls-to-the-wall about it, you’ll love it and do great. But if you’re a filthy casual like myself, then it’s gonna kinda suck. It’s just too difficult and kinda dumb — character hygiene takes up a prominent portion for example — how exciting: time to shower, fix my hair, and brush my teeth — again. I’ll update this review if there’s an awesome turn-of-events that ends up surprising me — otherwise 2/5 stars. Sorry devs, I’m just not talented enough to play apparently.


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