Demonstration of Power

How would a being possessing pure power demonstrate such strength? We often see scenes in which characters are underestimated until they ultimately reveal their true strength when challenged, thereafter crushing their oppressor. But that’s not it, I’m talking about a being so powerful that he radiates it, there’s just no doubt about his ability. Pushing him would simply be as a speck of dust landing on his shoulder. Such a being, in order to demonstrate his power would need to make himself vulnerable.

How would such a being do this? Well, he’d have to confound himself so that he didn’t know who or what he was. He’d probably even make himself small and fragile — perhaps splitting himself up into many autonomous pieces. Perhaps placing those pieces on a reactive world in which they’re constantly distracted with a dazzling display of sights and sounds. The pieces themselves would argue amongst themselves while leading varying lives.

Deep down these pieces know they’re more than they appear to be. But that realization is never allowed to remain for long as the confusion sets in. Every night understanding is wiped away when fatigue inhibits their bodies and strange scenes play across their minds in the form of dreams, overwriting accumulating knowledge. This is a powerful being we’re talking about, he knows what he’s doing, he knows how to hide the truth from himself.

Sometimes a piece realizes just who he is, but such revelations are soon forgotten. But the question becomes, for what reason would a powerful being demonstrate his power and thus display his vulnerability? Such a great power wouldn’t need to “show off” for instance. Instead, pure power by its very nature simply manifests itself. And the only means of manifestation for such power is creation and ultimately, vulnerability. Therefore, you have a world created and populated by the meek.


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