Goal Selection

It often comes up in the world-of-success, that we must choose a goal. After thinking about it a bit, I’ve selected one. My long-term goal is to enjoy life. My daily goals therefore are to enjoy each and every day. For much of my existence, I didn’t enjoy life and I dreaded every day. “Oh-no! What’s next!” I’d lament. I was so afraid of life that I hid myself away the best I could.

“But Rich, isn’t that goal a bit self-centered or even hedonistic?” I come from the Anxiety-ridden Pessimist’s Club. To us, life sucks and then you die. As you can guess, that’s a horrible outlook and leads to a miserable experience here on Earth. Now just imagine if members of the APC see one of their own rise up to achieve a state of satisfaction with life….

Well yes, of course they won’t accept it at first. They’ll accuse me of being born an optimist, of being a fact-denying coward that keeps his head in the sand while refusing to acknowledge the gritty reality of life that they so bravely face head-on. But, perhaps after some time, my example might convince them to come to the lighter side of life where they can begin enjoying themselves too.

I like this goal. And coming from my original “realist” perspective, it really is a challenge. And yes, obviously I’ve been working on this task for the last few years, but now I’m simply stating it formally. I, Rich, being of sound mind and body, do officially declare that I have as my selected goal the state and condition of enjoying life.


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