Focus Part 4

Preamble: I’m engaging in some exercises to practice directing my focus. I’m about to paint some positive mental pictures. I’ll be writing about situations in which I am engaged with life and enjoying myself. These stories won’t apply to anyone but me, but perhaps this example could demonstrate the practice.

Present day (yesterday actually):

To see their smiling faces as they saunter up the walkway as I open the front-door fills me with delight. To hear a greeting begin with “Dad!” makes my heart melt. I wonder what goodies they may have returned with. Ooh I spy something I like!! Now just have to wait till supper.

At supper, my wife sets forth an effort-filled feast as usual. Last night it was Mexican, tonight Korean. Tastes and perfumes pour forth, dancing upon the palate. I eat until full. We tend to watch something entertaining while we sit together, commenting as it plays. The food’s good, the company’s better.

After supper our tiny family heads to the beach. A frolicking little boy leads the way. My wife plans her birthday dinner months in advance as I laugh. Nothing but the best for my lady. Fog rests over the ocean but a white light makes the sky like quartz. The din of the high-tide, the too cool breeze, and the soft sand makes for a full sensory experience.

Before bed I spend time with each in their own way. How could this experience of existence be anything but my very own dream comprised of the simple things I love. I’ve certainly done nothing to deserve this gift — I’ve simply been willing to receive it. Reluctantly at first I admit, but now I embrace and appreciate it. Thanks life.


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