Focus Part 3

Preamble: I’m engaging in some exercises to practice directing my focus. I’m about to paint some positive mental pictures. I’ll be writing about situations in which I am engaged with life and enjoying myself. These stories won’t apply to anyone but me, but perhaps this example could demonstrate the practice.

In the not so distant future:

My eyes open. I’m excited to wake up. I see the blue skies and sun from the balcony before me. I walk out and settle into a comfortable spot, surveying the picturesque scene. I inhale and exhale, enjoying existence. From there I feel the benevolence of life — how can this world be anything but my ever-present caretaker? Thanks, I say.

16 hours later…

As sleepiness sets in I gladly retire to the bedroom, a sanctuary of sleep. The perfect temp, the perfect airflow, the perfect sounds, the perfect softness, the perfect coverings — everything seems so right, it’s so easy to drift off. My eyes readily close as I remember how much I appreciated the day before. Thanks, I say.

8 hours later…

I’m awake. Looking over I see a beautiful scene as morning light illuminates the landscape. I’m filled with gratitude as I lay for a few minutes taking it in. I feel warm and comforted by the incoming sun. I saunter over to the balcony and stand amidst the splendor, and breathe. Nothing enters my mind as I remain tranquil, simply gazing out upon the beauty before me. Thanks, I say.

16 hours later…

I’m happy to sleep. It means the day has come to a close and a new one is soon to begin. It’s a new experience everyday and sleep simply serves as the gentle transition. I lay down on a mattress that’s just right, rest my head on a comfy pillow, cover myself in breathable sheets, I sense my appreciation then close my eyes and drift off into a delightful dream.


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