Buffet Worksheet

If life’s a buffet that offers all things for all people, then it’s best if I keep track of the things I like and the things I don’t like so I know what to get more of as I fill up my plate.

Things I don’t prefer at the buffet:
Scary stuff.
Drama of these types: medical, legal, political, family, relationship.

Things I like at the buffet of life:
Fun adventures.
Lighthearted family bonding time.
Great food.
Technology / gadgets.
Staring at the visually stimulating.
Wrestling with complicated concepts.
When cool mysteries/surprises are revealed.
Interesting stories (shows/books/movies/etc).
Genres of these types: comedy, romance-comedy,
science-fiction, military drama (historic/fiction-based).

Therefore, if I find myself complaining or in a bad mood, it means I’ve lost focus and must readjust immediately. In other words, if I find myself delving into a topic I don’t prefer, I must stop and go down a preferred path instead.

Additionally, I know I’ve had these exact same thoughts before, perhaps even compiling a similar list. It’s likely that this world purposefully confounds its inhabitants, making old things new again. How easy would life be if we could keep the lessons we’ve learnt in the forefront of our thoughts? Too easy apparently — so we forget, again and again.

But that’s a buffet for ya! You eat, digest, and poop it all out — only to start again the very next visit. So I suppose all these thoughts and situations are like food for the mind in a sense. Some are nutritious while others distasteful and still others are downright poisonous. It would do us good to note the nutritious and stick to those.

But you’re tempted aren’t you?! Oh boy, that dark decadent one covered in an even darker more decadent sauce looks good! Mmm, well maybe just a bite won’t hurt! But a bite wasn’t enough, you finished it completely… and there you are, sitting, clenching your gut over the toilet once again!

But the point is this, that we show up to life’s buffet over and over, a seemingly fresh start every time. So let me ask you this, which items are you going to choose today?