Matthew Brief Summary

My quick summary of Matthew is: God’s son attempted to fix the world, only a few listened, he got disillusioned by the people’s intense negativity and rejection of his message — so he left.

The problem he tried to fix was a widespread bad-attitude — people seemed to think the world was a horrible place designed to inflict suffering upon its inhabitants. His message was that the world isn’t a bad place, in fact it’s great.

He tried to demonstrate that whatever you believe the world to be, it becomes. He healed sick people left and right. But with such dour attitudes, people kept manifesting the worst things they could imagine.

Eventually people got fed up with the light he shined in their faces, they booted him out so they could keep their sourpusses. They requested him to leave, and like a dutiful servant of the people, he departed.

I think the story shines a light on our own pessimism and tendency to reject life’s awesomeness in favor of focusing on all the things we don’t prefer. Just as they rejected Jesus, we do too when we refuse to cultivate an appreciation for how great life really is.