Spirituality To-Do, Item 6

Putting the Bhagavad Gita into practice.

Do not logic my way through life, my perspective and understanding are just too limited.

One plus one equals two; two plus two equals four — yes? No. I grew up thinking in terms of simple cumulative steps and attempted to apply that logic to EVERYTHING. The problem with that type of thinking is that it’s severely limiting. If I can’t foresee the steps adding up to an outcome, then that outcome is impossible. This means I believed in only the most rudimentary of goals and outcomes. I was placing limits on everything because I assumed I fully understood the nature of existence. Oops.

It’s like that saying: if the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail. And I did a lot of pounding trying to get the outside world to fit my theory. Another problem with my simple-steps philosophy was the heavy dose of “chance” mixed in. But chance is a monkey-wrench, it meant that simple-steps are an unreliable means to a goal — and there’s no way to overcome chance. So in effect, why bother doing anything at all.

My logic imprissoned me. I couldn’t do anything grand because I couldn’t imagine the steps to get there. And for simpler goals in which I could see the steps, chance comes into play, so what’s the use? This is in stark contrast to spirituality where adherents tell me to set lofty goals and the details are magically filled in — the universe does the work and aligns everything perfectly on my behalf. Huh!? My small-mindedness obviously has trouble grasping the concept.

But this magical thinking is everywhere and a lot of people are saying it, and there really are individuals achieving great things — so it must be true — right? And here’s the bottom line: I denied spirituality for decades, derided it in fact, and what did that get me? Anxiety, hopelessness, lack — fun stuff. Whereas I see those spiritual people, full of hope, trying new things, inspiring others — sounds pretty good. And the only requirement to join the party is a belief that all things are possible through faith — um, yeah, sign me up!

I’m done with my self-righteous attitude. I was confidently wrong about everything. And even if my pessimistic attitude was right, which it wasn’t, but even if it was, the misery it inflicts just isn’t worth it. And funny enough, if I want to have a great time here and enjoy life, the most logical path to take is the spiritual one — I’ve tried the other route, it sucks. Therefore, so that I may experience the best of what life has to offer, I mustn’t logic my way through life, my perspective and understanding are just too limited.