Spirituality To-Do, Item 4

Putting the Bhagavad Gita into practice.

Focus on sameness rather than difference, seeing only the source.

When I look at people, I notice all that differs from myself. I then proceed to categorize them based on those differences. “Well he’s clearly an idiot”, (that’s probably the largest category). Yet it turns out that I had more in common with these folks than I assumed: I’m also an idiot! Yay…?

I always imagined that I knew exactly what was going on here, that my analytical skills were bar-none, that my knowledge far exceeded that of the ordinary individual — but as it happens, I don’t really know anything. Basically, my theory of life was making me miserable, so sad in fact that I finally gave up trying to maintain it. It’s a lot easier to admit you know nothing and go from there.

Ask a hundred people to explain existence and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Now ask those same people at different stages of their lives and you’ll likely get completely different answers than they previously gave. I know my answer changed over time — so how can I know whether I understand things right now? I can’t. I can’t even be certain that I don’t understand because I just might be right!

Nowadays I imagine we’re fragments of God placed here with Harrison Bergeron style handicaps (the short-story by Kurt Vonnegut). Since we’re of-the-Creator, we obviously have to be restrained in some fashion or else we’d muck up the narratives with god-powers. I think we’re purposefully placed in a constant haze-of-confusion so we buy into the drama. We wouldn’t want to stare at raw pixels all day, we’d rather see and believe-in all the pretty pictures they create.

Essentially then, we’re all the same, flickering pixels playing out our roles within a grand narrative created for the amusement of its creator. Ultimately we’re just reflections of a single source of light upon billions of shining shards. Of course I don’t know whether this is true, but because I want to enjoy my time on Earth, I focus on sameness rather than difference, seeing only the source.