Spirituality To-Do, Item 2

Putting the Bhagavad Gita into practice.

I must infuse this artist’s eternal all-pervading essence into my thoughts.

Besides snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails, what am I made of? Flesh and blood? Meh. A mechanical explanation of reality seems a bit too limiting to adequately explain what’s going here. Although for many years I assumed myself such, I no longer think I’m mere mechanized meat. I’m not even sure my human form is anything but flickering pixels.

And if I’m just an illusion, then this world is too perhaps. But it’s not a random jumble of pixels flickering on an off, it’s a grand spectacle of coordinated light — a show so dazzling that we can’t take our attention off it. Yet who’s the programmer that produced this wondrous extravaganza. If ever there’s someone to be grateful for, it’s that guy. Amazing work buddy!

Yet how unappreciative I’ve been, never acknowledging his handiwork in everything I experience. Just look at all the characters, the cast is huge! From strangers to close companions, their narratives put on quite a show. Then there’s the breathtaking high-definition scenery — um, amazing! And what about my own story? I have to admit I’ve been about the worst audience member I could be, constantly complaining as the story unfolds — but despite all that, I wasn’t even thrown out for my disrespect, life has been persistently carrying me along without much effort on my part. The producer is apparently very patient and forgiving.

It would do me well to infuse appreciation into everything I experience. When I find myself within a particular circumstance, I should see the scenery as the artist’s craftsmanship and the drama as part of a grand narrative skillfully written to include me. When I find myself faced with a dilemma, I should see it as an interesting challenge made just for me. When I have an idea, I should know it to be inspiration direct from the artist. To be truly appreciative, I should relate all things to their underlying creator.

Perhaps many of the problems in life are just engaging obstacles whose job is to provide entertaining resistance upon my path. And perhaps the other so-called problems are just flawed-thinking on my part, self-imposed obstacles readily removed by a spiritual perspective. Through my pessimism, I’ve often wished for the worst, yet thankfully this fulfillment-generator called life regularly denys my requests.

I must accept the artist’s benevolence and presence within all people, places, and things — including myself. What’s there to be afraid of? Everything is the sustainer-of-life himself. The borders between are simply variations in pixel color created for dramatic effect — it’s really a unified whole, art created by the artist. And so that I may render my utmost appreciation and wholly participate in this interactive experience, I infuse this artist’s eternal all-pervading essence into my thoughts.