Spirituality To-Do, Item 1

Putting the Bhagavad Gita into practice.

I must acknowledge the artist of existence, creator of worlds.

I grew up with an absence of God-related stuff except for brief mentions in 80s sitcoms when characters were caught in some predicament and asked out-loud, “Hey Big-Guy, I know we don’t talk much, but if you’re not too busy, could you help me out?” Maybe that’s a good thing because I’m not filled with too many pre-conceived notions, nor do I have an abject hatred of a church I grew up in and later rejected (a common scenario I’ve witnessed).

But I did have a religion of sorts, it was science and all its popular theories. And in that vein, I have rejected the church of scientism and scientific authority. I’m all for technology related science, I love technology and technological progression. I just don’t appreciate the elevation of scientific theories to dogma — for all we know, we’re living within a simulation or a dream. We have to be able to question the very nature of reality and we have to accept that something significant might exist beyond what our flawed senses perceive.

I took science to an extreme and reasoned: if my senses can’t observe it, then it doesn’t exist. Atheism, therefore, seemed the only logical conclusion. Yet it’s very evident how susceptible our perception is to error, so relying on the senses to discern truth is a fool’s erand. Whether truth can ever be found is another question, but the senses are not an adequate path to it. And after having stumbled into spirituality, I’ve experienced mounting evidence in its favor.

The longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve noticed that existence does not align with the rational physical realm I assumed it to be. And the funny thing is, that all this spiritual stuff has been well-documented, I was just ignoring it. I believed the spiritual portion of society to be outright ignorant and crazy. I was minimizing the perceptions and experiences of a large swath of people, assuming them to have primitive minds — how rude, I know.

Yet I’m the idiot here, the primitive-mind only believing in what he can see and touch. “Nothing beyond my immediate scope can exist!” How silly it sounds now. And so nowadays I willingly acknowledge that something created this circumstance of existence and all the related drama and intrigue found herein. The ever repeating story-arcs are obvious whenever we stop to observe the spectacle before us.

And it’s beautiful, this world, when you see from afar. Its creator can’t be considered anything less than an artist. Even the gritty-side of life has its charm if you observe from the right perspective. Focus too closely on any art-piece and you can’t discern its beauty, but get just the right distance… and boom, a masterpiece. And that’s what spirituality gives us, the distance needed to see life as a work of art. Too close, and it’s a brutal nightmare — but by believing in a benevolent creator, and ourself as part of the art, life takes the form of a masterfully painted picture.

Therefore, I acknowledge the artist of existence, creator of worlds.