Spirituality To-Do

Putting the Bhagavad Gita into practice.

I must acknowledge the artist of existence, creator of worlds.
I must infuse this artist’s eternal all-pervading essence into my thoughts.
Practice perceiving this essence residing within all, seeing the undivided within the divided.
Focus on sameness rather than difference, seeing only the source.
Know my senses are flawed, only ever glimpsing a fragment of what is.
Do not logic my way through life, my perspective and understanding are just too limited.
I mustn’t cling to thoughts passing through my mind (and if I do, just let go).
Convince myself that I’m not a fragile creature struggling for survival within a chance-based physical reality.
Know that I am carried through life by a benevolent force playing amongst his parts.
Perform as my character, fearlessly following my nature.
I mustn’t judge the world, simply appreciate the spectacle.
Relax and enjoy the show.