Chasing Significance

What do the enlightened do after achieving enlightenment? The same stuff as everyone else, they just appreciate it more than before. As is said:

Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

Enlightenment simply broadens one’s perspective, the content of life remains the same. Imagine a fairytale after the epic adventure concludes — what happens next? Characters go back to their everyday lives.

We so often sour our lives by lamenting a lack of significance. But even if achieved, things eventually normalize, becoming familiar and repetitive.

We therefore need to practice and perfect the process of extracting enjoyment from our everyday experiences. There is nothing but this.

In every moment of our day, we must be finding the fun, distilling the delight. It’s not an event that makes or breaks our life, but the routine we make for ourself from the components we’re surrounded by.

As the sun unceasingly rises and sets, seek satisfaction from simplicity. From the daily meals we consume, in the repetitiousness of rhythm, toiling upon our tasks, amongst the people we call family — comes the comfort of familiarity.