Making Magic

If a bunch of people that believe in magic all decide to live together in a small isolated community, would they bring about actual magic? In other words, if enough people believe in wizardry and bathe themselves in its lore, surrounding themselves with like-minded folk, could their shared belief actually generate the ability to cast effective spells?

That sounds… crazy? But what about Silicon Valley for instance. If you told me thirty years ago that I’d be carrying around a tiny portable touchscreen device that wirelessly connects to a global storehouse of real-time information, I wouldn’t have believed you — Star Trek isn’t real. If you had mentioned the possibility of self-driving cars twenty years ago, I’d have similarly thought: it isn’t possible, that’s just science-fiction.

The point being, that the answer to the original question about magic, is demonstrably “yes”. Yes, the power of commingling imaginations is real. If people with similar beliefs congregate, reality changes. Technology is just another name for magic, styled in the fashion of our day. Seemingly fanciful ideas are made manifest right before our eyes. We haven’t much clue about how these things are made, yet wizards cast their spells and these enchanted devices end up in our hands.

Therefore, if we go about our days dismissing the reality of magic, we’re outright wrong. Magic is so ordinary and everyday in fact, that we see it as commonplace. Yet as I press my fingertip upon this iPad to transmit this message around the globe, that’s magical. Everything ever accomplished began as a dream, a figment borne of imagination. From nothing into something, a wish: magic.


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