Conveyor of Obstacles

When we load up a video-game, we’re essentially saying: please throw shit in my face while I repeatedly attempt to wipe it off. And if you haven’t picked up on it yet, that’s what life is: an obstacle course — life presents a series of hurdles for us to leap over. And really, it doesn’t matter what the particular obstacles are, the point is to keep jumping.

Picture it this way: there’s a field full of obstacles before us, it’s a bit of mess with different paths of hurdles strewn all about. If we find ourselves overwhelmed by a particular set of obstacles, then we should evaluate our course and readjust as necessary. We can change our focus and alter our perspective in order to design the most palatable path.

Again, the point is to remain active and interested — specific obstacles don’t matter, there will always be more obstacles. In a video-game, the overall goal is to have fun — each game comes with artificial obstacles that keep us amused for the time being. And just like a video-game, life is for entertainment purposes only, mere flickering pixels that shouldn’t be taken more seriously than warranted.


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