Gentle Reminder

It can be initially unsettling to contemplate that life is a constructed circumstance. But the irrationality of the world makes so much more sense under dream-logic. Existence is an artificial adventure, and that’s a good thing because randomness is a scary proposition (as anything could happen to anybody at anytime).

Initially it’s a little unsettling to die in video-games. But once you get used to it, it’s nothing, respawning is just part of the fun. We charge into virtual battles without any concern for our character’s well-being. So imagine what this life would be like to an infinite being that simply respawns upon death? Especially one feeling particularly daring one day.

Brutality isn’t so brutal when it’s formed by flickering pixels. But part of the fun in games comes from full immersion, becoming our character. Yet how would an infinite all-knowing being become a simple character — only through trickery and obfuscation. So we don’t know who we are by design — yet it’s difficult to fully mask the obvious.

If we stop and stare we can perceive it, the structure underlying existence. But the only real reason to do so is to remind ourselves of life’s lighthearted nature. Sometimes we need the reminder to know it’s only a game, to relax. Life is on our side, a grand entertainer, a ringmaster captivating our senses with a dazzling three-ring circus. Enjoy the show.


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