Spiritual Sport

We’re just toying with ourselves, “a cosmic game of hide-and-seek”. We act like we don’t want to be found, then lament when we’re not, so we pretend we want to get caught, but coyly retract when getting too close. But that makes sense of course, because why should we want to wake up from our dream?

So to keep ourselves constantly engaged we imagine the worst stuff, frightening and angering ourselves just to go deeper into the dream. We hide behind fear and outrage because it’s easy. Where else would a non-material being hide from itself? But utilizing fear and anger is an act of laziness, a lack of creativity. The most primitive means to achieve compliance in behavior is to instill fear through rage.

So the mature approach is to move beyond anxiety and anger as a means to captivate ourselves. Think of a movie complex showing several different movies. The most engrossing movie is going to be the horror that makes us literally jump out of our seat as it implants ideas that haunt our imagination long after the initial viewing. It takes maturity to appreciate more subtle themes.

Because, if we’re not perpetually distracted, we’ll begin considering the unreality of existence — and this can be uncomfortable. So we take the quick and dirty route of scaring ourselves. We perceive a world filled with constant calamity, always on the precipice of doom. But the world is ever on the edge of disaster, yet still persists — a condition that only proves the artificiality of it all.

While it’s a bit uncomfortable to contemplate the illusionary nature of existence, the alternative is certainly not an improvement. To believe in a naturally evolving world ruled by randomness is a recipe for endless anxiousness. Fear and fury are ugly manifestations, they’re not worth it. We must cultivate higher means of captivating ourselves.

Not fear and fury, but fun and fellowship. Not decay and destruction, but design and development. Not lack and loss, but love and lightheartedness. A menu sits before us, the choice of how to hide is ours. So let’s put in the effort to develop a more refined palate, shall we? Let’s focus on the best of what life has to offer.


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