Fictional Foundation

Enlightenment is the realization of life’s illusionary nature. But the trick of course, is maintaining that realization in the forefront of our thoughts. Despite our occasional epiphanies, we tend to go back to living our daily life, lost to life’s little dramas. But really, why would we want to contemplate the unreality of existence in every moment? We’d rather live life, not just think about living life, right?

And that’s true even after we fully conceptualize life’s virtuality. After we attain enlightenment and maintain it, we simply go back to living life. What changes though, is the foundation on which our perceptions are built. For instance, our baseline anxiety drops to zero, our fear fades away, we trust in life’s benevolence.

Life changes from a somber affair filled with dire consequences to a funhouse built to thrill and amuse. Existence becomes an experience in which we gladly engage while appreciating its many facets. But first, the funhouse foundation must be constructed within our minds. And construction is a repetitive process.

A simple epiphany is never enough, we must hammer and drill the idea of virtuality into our heads until it becomes the underlying reason for everything. And once established, then we once again go about our daily business — but this time we walk a lighthearted path, seeing the things before us lit by a resplendent glow.


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