Fun in Wonderland

Who knows what the terms are, arbitrary perhaps. But for now I’ll use asleep, half-asleep, and awakening. There are those asleep, pleasantly dreaming of wonderland — let them remain asleep wandering within the world, because why not? But there are those half-asleep and half-aware, waking up, confused, outright frightened and overwhelmed by the sensation of seriousness. Then there are those fully aware of their awakening, the lucid dreamers.

A blank look in the eyes, always following a script, holding unwavering beliefs, these are the deep sleepers, the sleep-walkers we shouldn’t wake. But they can be influenced of course, led by the prevailing ideas that float past their sleepy senses. It’s the half-asleep and half-aware that might need help with their transition to full awareness. They experience dissatisfaction with existence. Perhaps those already aware of their own awakening might ease this transition, broadcasting the idea of lucid dreaming.

We don’t want to fully awaken you see, there’s no point in that as we’d just want to return to our dream. We simply want a pleasant dreaming experience, and there’s two ways to get there. Either lose ourselves completely in the dream or become fully aware that we’re dreaming. The in-between stage is an unpleasant one because we’re too aware of ourselves as we walk through an intense funhouse — so activities will seem dangerous and outcomes dire.

If you’re half-aware, it might be best to keep going the entire way and become a lucid dreamer. If you keep trying to go back to a deep sleep, the constant excitement of life could keep jarring you. You already realize that life isn’t what it seems to be, now just take this feeling further in order to make the experience of existence more enjoyable. Don’t retreat from the feeling of dreaminess, follow it until you realize the pleasant benevolence of it all.


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