Notes on Virtuality

Just had a bit of a snow storm. Guess what I didn’t have time to think about… virtuality…? That’s right. How captivating the snow was, especially with the accompanying physical activity of shoveling. As a shoveler of snow, it was all I could think about, I was knee-deep within a white world. I could feel the cold, the wet, the wind, the strain on my muscles, the feeling of being overwhelmed with the weight of crystalized water.

So in that stretch of time, I was lost to the world. Not in a bad way of course. But the world used its power to attract and hold my attention. Later that evening I developed a bit of a headache that lingered for quite awhile. Eventually I remembered that I should use pain as a physical alarm/reminder that this world is virtual. In the instant I assigned that virtuality value to the variable of pain, the sensation of hurt ceased completely. Interesting.

And another thing I noticed is that I’m always fatigued. I tend to fight sleep and sleep seems to fight me right back. It’s been a war stretching back as far as I can remember. I will now assign the value of virtuality to the variable of sleepiness. If I should yawn or feel low in energy, I must think of virtuality. Remember, it’s not because the two are related, it’s simply a trigger that will remind me to consider the illusionary nature of the world, when otherwise I’d just get lost in the day’s activities.

But I do wonder whether drowsiness is a way to keep me ensnared as I travel through the day in a dreamy daze. I notice that exhaustion has an intoxicating effect, resulting in poor decision making and odd ideas. I figured I fought sleep so I could think more, but what if it was a trick, a way to lower the quality of thoughts. Interesting. Yet, these particular points came about right before I went to bed, while extra sleepy. And this phrase just popped into my thought stream: Stay rested, stay aware. Interesting.


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