Praising Virtuality

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, this whole virtuality thing makes you sound like a recent religious convert that’s given himself over to God or something. What’s the deal?

Well I’ve no doubt that it’s the same mechanism, that virtuality is pressing the same buttons, that it’s just a different way of characterizing the same thing. But for me, technology is an easier concept to grasp than spirituality or God. “Life is God experiencing himself in infinite forms….” Huh? “Life is an immersive video-game?” Oh, got it.

I didn’t grow up surrounded by spirituality — I grew up with TV, movies, and video-games. I’m like the TV-show jock in high school that needs his homework explained in terms of sports analogies. Some people have an innate spiritual sense whereas I had a severe blockage and couldn’t grasp it. But now, I get it.

And I suppose I am proselytizing a bit. If you stumbled onto some miracle-cure for a sickness you had, wouldn’t you attempt to tell others about it? Of course the trick is to realize that each cure fits a particular illness and does not apply to all cases — that’s why it’s best not to shove your beliefs down everyone’s throats, just plainly present what you know and let them decide if it’s applicable in their own lives.

So, dear reader, you caught me. I seem to have inadvertently joined the cult of virtuality. Oh but the air is fresher here my friend, the fruit sweeter, and the soothing comfort of certainty in a belief is oh so relaxing. And all it takes is the acceptance of an idea that life is a simulation, a virtual experience had by a player located somewhere else, a fun-seeker that’s safe and sound.


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