Virtuality Mindset

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, how can I develop a virtuality mindset?

We can shape our mindset by reinterpreting topics that cross our path. It’s a game we can play: pick a topic and describe it in a way that aligns with a simulated world. These descriptions need not be true, they’re just a different perspective based in a standpoint of virtuality.

For example, I no longer think of health as a roll of the dice. I’m not alive today because I luckily remained accident and disease free. I’m not gambling with food, hoping the extra cake won’t kill me. I’m no longer scared of dying. I’m healthy because I reject sickness, no longer believing it to be a natural consequence of life — and I’ll continue living right up until the time I’m ready to leave. From this virtuality perspective, I’m in control. It doesn’t mean it’s true of course, but so what, the relief and satisfaction are certainly real.

Another example: when something goes wrong in my personal relationships, I don’t blame the other person or myself, I simply perceive that the game-of-life is playing another one of its fun-house tricks, trying to thrill me again. Ah-ha! I say. Caught you! And from that point I respond from a more measured perspective, reducing any upset-ness I would have had.

Another example: I could not logically get past the dangerousness of traveling in an automobile. If this is a natural-world, then we gamble with our mortality every time we get in a car. Yet in a simulated world, all travel is faked, it’s merely an (x, y) update on a coordinate grid. From this virtual perspective, it now makes total sense that all manner of people with their varying skill-levels and physical abilities can effortlessly drive speeding tonnages of steel.

Realize that none of this makes me reckless, it’s only removing my anxiety. I was too cautious and frankly I’m still cautious, but I’m no longer motivated by fear, I act out of preference. That might sound like semantics, but my fear of life is gone. On the outside not much has changed, yet inside it’s a world of difference. Hopefulness and lightheartedness are concepts I can finally understand.


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