Virtual Experiment

I’m currently engaged in an experiment to maintain the unreality of reality in my mind. For convenience, I settled on the term “virtuality” to represent the illusionary nature of existence. I’m starting out fully convinced that the world is a simulation of some sort (whether computer-based or spiritual-based I don’t know), but the virtuality concept doesn’t completely pervade my thoughts.

In other words, unreality is not currently my default, but I intend to make it so. For instance, if I hear a strange noise or feel an ache, I revert to my earthly instincts, experiencing a slight bit of anxiety. I’m able to talk myself out of fear by relying on virtuality, but it’d be nice if it was my default reaction instead of going through a mental debate every time.

Since adopting the virtuality belief, I’ve been nothing but rewarded in terms of emotional control. Fear and frustration are much more manageable. I don’t have a base-level of anxiety and I respond much more positively to my surroundings. So my theory is this: more is better (famous last words – Ha!). I intend to completely bathe myself in the concept of virtuality.

But realize that the point is not to destroy the physical world in my mind, it’s to appreciate the playground of virtuality I’m within. It’s not detaching from the world, it’s developing a more pleasant interface. And this is nothing new of course, people have been relying on spiritual concepts forever to make life more palatable. This just happens to be my personal foray into unreality.

P.S. Yes, I do expect to become a powerful wizard that can manipulate space-time. But luckily I have no aspirations for world domination nor a desire for immortality (known corruptors of powerful entities everywhere).

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