Removing Limits

If life is dreamlike, it’s important to regularly remind ourselves to remove self-imposed limitations. For example, if we have an actual dream about being trapped in a basement-like facility surrounded by dampness, it’d be helpful if we could remind ourselves that the grey walls were ones we created — at which point a previously unseen door might appear by which we walk out into the sun.

People often wake-up from dreams in which someone they know wronged them. “How dare you!” they shout accusingly at the other person who has no idea what’s going on. Yet in real life, such accusations often proceed similarly — people don’t feel like wrongdoers until convinced by their victims. Even in waking life, perception shapes reality.

So we must daily remind ourselves that we are putting pessimistic limits upon ourselves. We need also accept that this dreamworld is better than being fully awake and aware within a sensation-less realm. Despite its flaws, we would choose to be here every time, feeling something rather than nothing.

We need to be aware enough to play in this world by our own rules, not constantly lost to endless tangents. Yet we need not wake fully and pop the bubble of the dream. That’s the balance between sensation and spirit we must achieve. Embodied consciousness, dreamers that can touch and be touched, the end-game of virtual-reality already achieved.


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