Automatic Aggravation

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Daily Beacon.

Dear Rich, if I’m constantly struck by annoyances, how can I deal with this? Sometimes I smell nasty things or I get injured or I find myself surrounded by idiots — how do I get away from this conveyor-belt of aggravation?

If you’re emotionally activated whenever a certain condition arises — energized, hyper-focused, moved to action — then it will keep happening — you’ll be caught in a loop. For instance, if you’re activated by disgust, you’re sure to find something objectionable.

You must face these initially annoying circumstances with dispassion. No anger or frustration, no sadness or despair, just do whatever the situation calls for and move on. And if afterwards, related images or ideas dance through your mind, kick them out, finding something else to focus on.

We should ever be directing our thoughts to entertain items that evoke enthusiasm and amusement rather than exhaustion and dissatisfaction. It is much more preferable to be in a positive loop than a negative one. And so we must practice molding our mind to receive the things we enjoy.

As we watch ourselves, signs of annoyance often appear, and with repetition we can quickly recognize their presence by heightened emotion. Catch it, call it out and shine the light, but be forgiving, gentle, and send it on its way. Then look to fill the void with something lighthearted. In this way dear reader, your habit of annoyance will fade.