Short-term Solution

If you’re on the path, you might be wondering what to do in the short-term. The answer is to create a merry atmosphere for those in your immediate surroundings, including yourself. Think of it this way, how can you receive the grandness of life’s bounty if you’re not prepared to receive it? So begin the preparations — ready the room and hang the decorations.

There’s an ambiguity as to whether life proceeds as a pre-set narrative or you directly influence your progression. Yet at the very least you feel as though you have a tiny bit of local influence, so start there — realizing that eventually your sphere of influence might increase. If your own attitude is all you can adjust, do that.

Radiate outwards, spreading cheer and hopefulness. There will be plenty of practice as dark clouds and shadows attempt to supress this lightheartedness. Shine nonetheless. Again and again, drilling day and night, trading dour for delight. There is no mystery on this part of the path, simply keep your little light lit.

Whatever it is you do throughout the day, maintain the playfulness. Pick anything to do and do it, the activity doesn’t matter, it’s the mood that matters. Despite any surrounding storm, keep the beacon blazing. Should it ever dim or extinguish, look within to relight. In the still of the mind, an everlasting light burns bright.


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