Simulation Epochs

Perhaps this simulated world is comprised of several distinct epochs. Within each period, inhabitants have the necessary mindset and inclinations to adequately live out their particular lifestyles. Consequently, an inhabitant of one epoch would not be suited for another. Remnants of past times linger of course, serving as chapters in a rich historic narrative, as philosophic inspiration, and as fodder for everyday thought.

The following are examples and not necessarily the actual epochs. For instance, the Age of Mythology might consist of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc., a time that birthed the world’s religions. And the Age of Empires might consist of global exploration, a time when disparate parts were conquered and forced into unified wholes. The Age of Ideology might consist of political and economic systems, a time when group identity and nationalism set the stage for conflict. The Age of Commerce might consist of the concentration of business and its preeminence over battlefield combat. And perhaps there’s our current time, the Age of Technology, a time when machine capabilities exceed expectations and borders are transcended through global communication.

The well-of-inspiration from where our ideas originate are tuned for whatever age we’re in. So in this Age of Technology for instance, inventors receive ideas about processing power and machine learning, automation and autonomous vehicles, and methods to connect people in many different ways. There are major upheavals within epochs and the current age would be no different in that regard. For those concerned over such things, it’s important to remember the artificiality of these epochs — they’re a storyline with a particular theme and we’re provided a script for interaction, in the form of our innate reactions.

It must be noted that fear is not part of the character we play, it is from the actor himself — our consciousness. This fear is a reserve in committing to the part and must be ignored. Enjoyment in this production comes from a lighthearted perspective, where we romp through our role, following the inclinations and inspirations we experience.


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