Daily Dumb-Stuff

If this is all there is, if right now is truly the culmination of billions of years of interstellar development and human evolution, or even if existence is the solemn manifestation of God’s grand design — then why are we spending our time doing the stupidest shit possible? I played with an airsoft gun today. I watched some mundane YouTube videos. I browsed the barely amusing comments on Reddit. I chatted about random stuff with those around me. I ate fried chicken and french fries. I brushed my teeth.

This world is bullshit. Stop taking it seriously. IT’S A FUNHOUSE! I’ve watched people play open-ended video games, and they outright torture their characters — I’ve even done it myself. How much can this video-game character take until it cracks? We like testing things, it’s fun and informative. So how much can a human character take before he cracks? Hmm, but who is doing the testing?

It’s quite possible that our own infinite self is having fun torturing his virtual manifestation. What’s it matter if a virtual character cries or even dies? So what? Relatedly though, I’m a bit more respectful towards video-game characters nowadays. Even though a simple restart of the game could make everything as new, I try to keep my chaos creation to a minimum. I don’t want to set the precedent that my preference is calamity.


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