World of Shapes

Within a circular world witness the angular shapes. Squares are overly controlling and triangles are drama generators. Such attributes serve to maximize tension, often erupting into trouble. But these qualities are not inherently negative, they’re just the nature of these shapes. We should not wish to eliminate these features, but merely recognize and account for them.

In general, squares unforgivingly attempt to control their environment. Whatever surrounds, be it people or things, squares will try to have a say in how circumstances proceed. Like zealots they’ll try to impose their beliefs upon all others and quarrel with any who oppose. Because of this tendency, they must be limited in their attempts to control beyond themselves.

A free society is one in which people are allowed to be different and pursue the activities they deem appropriate for their own lives. Squares, by their nature, tend to stifle freedom and expect uniform alignment with their personal beliefs. So a free-society must recognize and account for this tendency, remaining ever watchful that some are not suppressed by others.

In general, triangles vividly embellish scenes, or outright construct scenarios from scratch, and react to these imaginings. Triangles stir the pot, yet cannot detect this process and will vehemently deny it if confronted. And unfortunately, because of false drama generation, onlookers oftentimes refuse to believe the claims of triangles, thinking it’s a case of crying wolf.

Sometimes squares will see triangles as unstable shapes that need to be controlled whereas triangles will sometimes see squares as oppressors trying to entrap. Triangles need to feel believed regardless of the veracity of their claim. A well-functioning society must be aware of this and tread lightly, showing compassion while verifying claims.

Sharp points of angular shapes tear at the fabric of society. It is the worst of all conditions when such shapes form an accidental union where one claims the sky is falling while the other seeks to fix it through enforcement. Yet such shapes need not be neutered into circles, but some slight rounding helps — applying pressure on the points while reminding each of the other’s existence.


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