While Loop

While (condition equals true)
  do something.

Life sends stimuli intending to capture our attention. Life introduces whatever it can until it notices we’re energized by a particular circumstance. Once we take the bait, life has no reservation sending the same bait over and over. Life doesn’t mind being repetitive with what energizes us. So in a sense we’ll remain in a loop powered by a particular stimulus until it no longer energizes.

The source can be positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, whatever incites our emotions — enthusiasm or anxiety. For example, if spiders make us recoil in fear, we’ll see a constant stream of eight-legged intruders. To break out of a loop, we must become bored by the stimulus. The loop repeatedly asks the question: are you energized by this? If yes, continue. If no, break out of the loop and continue to the next one. Life doesn’t seem to care whether we enjoy the stimulus or not, just whether it energizes us.

While spiders make me jump,
  send more spiders.

So if I’m susceptible to freaking-out whenever a certain condition arises, extremely energized by it, hyper-focused, and moved to action, then it will keep happening. I’ll be stuck in a rut. Life will have no need to offer something new if I get enough stimulation right where I am. Yet if I’m not enjoying a particular loop, and want to move on to a more pleasant stimulus, I must become disinterested in the undesirable stimulus.

And once disinterested, life has no choice but to end that loop and move to a new one. To indicate which loop we want next, we should cultivate the necessary mindset for our preferred condition. For instance, if I’m not grateful for any gifts that life currently provides, why should life send more presents my way? I’m obviously not energized by them. Or if I’m activated by disgust, life will surely send something objectionable. So we must practice, ever molding our mind to energetically receive the things we enjoy.


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